Saturday, September 15, 2007

Sfântu Gheorghe-Jimbor, Jimbor-Sfântu Gheorghe 160 km. A beautiful trip in 2 days.

I started from Sfântu Gheorghe.

Sfântu Gheorghe-Vâlcele 11 km between mountains and forests. Many people choose it for biking and jogging.


At Feldioara the road is better. It's the E 60. The traffic is not so heavy and the cops don't bother you much.


You start climbing at Magherus. It's the last village before the Bogata Forest. The main problem here is the wind. It allways blows in my face, anytime I went from this direction.


After the Bogata Forest you arriwe to Gara Rupea then leave the E 60 road and all become so peacefull so relaxed. You arrive to Homorod village. After this the villages become very rare. It is an event when a car cross them. Then what about a biker?


The Saxons left it.


Zsimbor is the first Szekler village. I stayed here for a night. Then I started in the morning to make other 80 km to home, but on other way.

Satu Nou

This is Satu Nou (Homoródújfalu). The road is very bad from now on untill Varghis (Vargyas). It's good for the mountain bikes, but not for my Peugeot. You forget this problem easily, because the nature is beautiful.

Nature (Satu Nou-Varghiş)

Here the nature is untamed. Be carefull! Take with you a stick too, because between Satu Nou and Varghis you will meet for sure the shepperd's dogs . The sheperd use them against wolves and bears.

The Hatod

After Varghis you cross Talisoara (Olasztelek), Baraolt (Barót) , Biborteni (Bibarcfalva) and Batani Mari (Nagybacon). This region is called Erdővidék or the Forest Land. Then you had a last problem untill Sfantu Gheorghe. You have to climb the Hatod.


Then you arrive to Micfalau where you can find the monument of the bikers, unique in this part of Europe. The men of this place were great bikers and they travelled a lot on bikes thanks to their school teacher Fejér Ákos.

From Micfalau I followed the Olt river's walley. I went trough Malnas (Málnás), Olteni (Oltszem) and finally arriwed home after I trawelled 163 km in two days.

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