Sunday, February 08, 2009


Today I had a very hard training. I went with the guys who are preparing for the MTB races. For them it was an easy run. For me ........ I was the last Mohikan of the group. We did 89 km on road.

Start from Sfântu Gheorghe to Ilieni, then Hărman. At Sânpetru DoruK received a puncture. Short stop. We arrived to Braşov, then Codlea.

At Codlea we stopped. Everybody was hungry. We did some photos and we ate some sweets and sandwiches.

Then Hălchiu and the Ardealul Inn where DoruK received the second puncture. Then Bod-Araci-Vâlcele. At Vâlcele we stopped at the mineral spring, then the last climb!

My average speed was 25 km/h.


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Marius said...

Laci why you dont put some picture/comments in the regional forum. Or at least a link to the photos. Contgrats for the trip.