Friday, January 01, 2010


The first day of the year 2010 find us on our bikes.
The snow was melting, but on the northern parts of the mountains it stays. Our trip was a mixture of snow, mud, deep snow, water.
We started from St. George and go to Vâlcele (Előpatak), then turn to Ilieni (Illyefalva) an back to St. George, of course doing all off-road.

The weather was too warm for this season. We were wearing only T-shirts and wind-stoppers. They were good until we arrived to the top of Vf. Plopului (Kereszténytető). Here we received a rough wind and heavy rain. Luckily we had waterproof coats and shirts with us. On our way we saw some deers too. We did about 20 km.
I think it was a good trip even if the nature was a bit against us.


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