Saturday, February 23, 2008


Today (23rd of February) I had my first training with the bike. I was going for a ride with Edy, alias Eduard Astilean. We went to Ghidfalău (Gidófalva)-Angheluş(Angyalos)-Reci(Réty), then back to Sfântu Gheorghe. The weather was very fine. We did about 35 km, with an average speed of 20km/h. The roads were a bit muddy. The villagers looked to us a bit surprised, but they had the satisfaction that we become the first strangers, who visited them this year.
We stopped at the lake of Reci. It's still ice on it. Some fishermen were fishing on the ice. We were amusing on the fishing prices: 1000 RON a season ticket (abonament)!
But this is the life: everyone of us has got a hobby, and every hobby is expensive for foreigners.

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