Monday, March 03, 2008

Bad Weather

My training with Edy (on 1st of March) started interesting. We both met some problems with our bikes. But after an hour we finally started. At first we had a beautiful day with fine back-wind. When we arrived to Micfalău (Mikóújfalu) we suddenly realized that if we won't stop and return as fast as we can, the storm will catch us. At Olteni (Oltszem) we wanted to buy some kürtöskalács. The waitress said that we have to wait, but when we were looking out the window............ We had a great luck, that we were only 15 km away from home.
Besides of the bad weather, I enjoyed the training. We did 56 km, average speed 21 km/h.

Now is Monday, the 3rd of March. The rain stops, but the wind is still very stong. I saw during my trip a wagon with hay turned upside down! Today I did only 28 km.

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