Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Mt. Bodoc Again

This time I had better luck. It was a fine weather, windy, but who cares? Between the forest in the walleys you didn’t feel it! The only complaint it was the road. The blacktop to Bodoc (Bodok) was bad because the heavy traffic. And the road to the top of the mountain was in a bad shape too, due to the intensive forestry. I don’t advice you to go to the top from Bodoc even if you have a mountainbike! On my way to Bodoc I observed that somebody throws some keyboards on the margin of the road. It is sad that since we entered in EU we have not only quality in garbage, but quantity too! We throw them when and where we like!
This time I was alone because yesterday I was working until 02:15, and I couldn’t get up early in the morning.Tibi, Edy and the guys went to Siriu Lake, which is in the Buzău Valley. After all my day was beautiful, I made an excellent barbecue and I took beautiful photos. . I enjoyed every moment.
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