Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Surprise

Wednesday, 9th of April, it was a strange day. It was beautiful, but very windy. I was thinking that maybe I shall go to Sugas, It will be an easy trip, I shall do many photos because the forest is beautiful in Spring. Instead of this, on my way…..I met the guys! And we did more than 50 km in 2 hours! Our route was Sfântu Gheorghe (Sepsiszentgyörgy)-Vâlcele (Előpatak)-Araci (Árapatak) –Bod (Bodfalu)-Hărman (Hermány)-Podu Olt-Ilieni (Illyefalva)-Sfântu Gheorghe. (Sepsiszentgyörgy). We stopped at Hărman (Hermány). There is a beautiful saxon fortified church. We did some photos. For me it was a good opportunity to rest a bit after such a run, but it was a real surprise for me, that this time our training wasn’t so fatiguink. I was tired but I didn’t felt stiff. You can see more photos on: http://picasaweb.google.com/kkisslaci/Hermanapr9?authkey=CabZBI7B_Po

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