Monday, November 24, 2008

Mt. Baraolt

On 22th of November the Winter rushed over St. George. We were happy like the little kids and we decided to make a tour in the fresh snow. For me this was the first ride in Winter with MTB. It was hard, very hard. Although I had a good equipment and I was very attentive, I realized that this is not enough. You need a good technique too! This is an extreme sport in Winter, and unlike in Spring, Summer or Autumn, the accidents happen more often. So take care, and think twice about the route when you want to go out in this season!
And what about our trip? It was beautiful, with lot of falls, and shorter than we proposed. We explored the Killer Cove. (By the way: last night it was -25 c grade in Întorsura Buzăului which is very close to St. George)

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