Saturday, November 22, 2008

Sfântu Gheorghe-Predeal-Râşnov

I think this was one of the hottest day of September. Even in Turkey it was colder in June. Our route was Sfântu Gheorghe-Hărman-Braşov-Predeal-Pârâul Rece-Râşnov-Cristian-Codlea-Araci-Sfântu Gheorghe.
We were afraid about the traffic between Braşov and Predeal. We put our fluorescent clothes too. Luckily everything was OK. We saw other bikers to there.
On our way we visit the most important Saxon fortresses in our region. They are beautiful. Especially Râşnov and Codlea. What we don't like it was the names of Braşov and Râşnov put on the mountains with big letters like Hollywood. It was disgusting. But the road was OK, and we did a long and beautiful trip. We rode 144 km that day.
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