Sunday, April 26, 2009


Today we celebrated our town's day with a trip on Mt. Bodoc. This time we started the climbing from Pădureni (Besenyő). When we left the village I had a small problem with one of my wheels, but Doruk and Attila fix it very fast. I was hoping that they will be a bit slower, because I needed some extra time for rest.

We started to explore a totally new path, and this was much harder and longer then the usual one....... and prooved to be more beautiful too!

It was a sunny weather, but also it was very cold. We didn't take off our windbreakers. During the trip we didn't stopped too much. Only on the top of the mountain we stayed for a while at the spring, when we filled our bottles with water.

Then we had a very fast and dangerous run downhill to Bodoc (Sepsibodok) village. Jakab Tibi had a downfall. Luckily he had no problems.

Totally we did 60 km, 40 were on offroad. All this in less than 5 hours.

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