Wednesday, May 06, 2009


My son, Daniel received a cat on his birthday. It was the right gift for him, but since we live in a flat, we couldn't afford it to keep it with us.
so yesterday I did a trip with Attila to Jimbor, to bring the cat to my wife's family who live in a house with a big yard. this time we ride on the road.
We crossed very fast the villages of Vâlcele-Araci-Hăghig-Feldioara. Then we entered on the E60 road. It was Saturday, so it wasn't a heavy traffic on the road.
We stopped at Rotbav to make some photos. There is a beautiful fortress.

It is a pity that the road goes very close to it. the international road causes a lot of damage for the fortified church.
Then we crossed the Bogata Forest, which is a natural reserve.

At Homorod we stopped for the fortified church.

Then we crossed Mercheasa and arrived to Jimbor. Here we visited the local fortress and stopped at my family.

After making 80km we were very hungry. They waited us with sausages and roast meet, so it was very hard for us to stand up from the table and ride on the road again. And the hardest part begins now! The road between Jimbor and Satu Nou is very bad and it starts raining. We didn't escaped from rain and cold weather on the last part of our trip.

For us it was fun. we were well equipped. The weather didn't bothered us too much.
we crossed Vârghiş and stopped after Baraolt to visit a fossil site.

It's an interesting place, we find very easy a lot of fossilized sea shells and leafs. Then we stopped at Biborţeni to drink some mineral water from the spring. We crossed Băţani Mari then we climbed the Hatod Pass. It was already night, so when we went downhill, we ride very slow because the holes on the road were filled up with rain water. Even so, small accidents happened. Then we arrived to Micfalău. We didn't stopped. Then we crossed Malnaş, Olteni and finally arrived to Sfântu Gheorghe. It was a long and rainy trip, but it was a lot of fun too.
Totally we did 158 km. Max speed 48:30. trip time 8:22. Avg. speed 18:83.

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