Sunday, March 16, 2008


Sunday, March the 16Th.
Today we went to Tuşnad Sat (Tusnád). It's after Tuşnad Băi (Tusnádfürdő).
This time I used my brain and I started my ride earlier with an hour. Even so, when the guys arrived, they had got only 30 min handicap and they went uphill!
On my way I stopped in Micfalău (Mikóújfalu) and Bixad (Bükszád) to do some photos.
Micfalău is a very interesting place. Many people from here has got Italian origin. They come here as stone-carvers before the 1st World War. We can meet names like De Francesco, De Negro, Giacomelo. The stone is their life. I took some photos with old houses which are made entirely of carved stone!
On our way back, the tire of a bike received a puncture.
Today we did 93 km. My maximum speed was 51 km/h with an average speed of 22 km/h.
I know that is not the best, but this is all what I can do at the moment.
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