Monday, March 31, 2008

The St. Ana Lake

On Sunday, on 30Th of March, I went for a ride to the St Ana Lake. The weather was with me, not so cold, not so windy, proper for biking. Until Bixad (Bükszád) the road was good, then becomes bad. In the village I observed a grocery which has got a funny name: Redneck Grocery. At the foot of the mountain I met some enormous shepherd dogs (6). I had luck with the shepherds, because the dogs practically blocked my way. Then I stopped nearby the Jimbor mineral spring. It eased my efforts with it's water, because I had to climb 19 km to reach the lake. On the top of the volcano it was still snow. A big part of the lake was under ice. I dressed up warmer and put my cap under the helmet. Despite of this, I was feeling good, I enjoyed very much the view of the lake. Then I ate my oranges and after that back on the saddle again! On my way down a Mercedes cut a curve. My attention saved us from an accident. But this kind of cases appear very often. Therefore the bikers always have to ride carefully.
Trip dist 96 km, trip time 6 hour, avg. speed 16 km/h, max speed 46 km/h.

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